Tuesday 29 June 2010

Cheese Cake

My Cheese Cake :-)

I dedicate this to four lovely girls who are a "DieHard Fan" of my Cheese cake:
 Hani-Milli-Zaru-Elli ♥

One of the best cakes in fact my specialty which always turns out Super Alhamdolillah and is finished the same day : )

Many wonder; why no cheese in cheese cake hmmm….well this is a German version “Quark Kuchen” means curd cake, and we make cheese with curd.

It’s the best ever cheese cake and very easy with excellent results always!!!!!!

What is cheese curd? It’s actually the cream form of cheese before it is kept up to 60 days to form into a block, its yellowish in color and sour creamy in taste.

Here’s what we need to do:

For the crust :
250 gr plain flour
150gr sugar
150 gr soft butter
2-3 drops milk
¾ tsp baking powder

For the filling:
500gr Curd
250gr vanila pudding
200gr double cream
125 gr sugar

-first of all make the pudding and let it chill
(vanila pudding is similar to custard)

-Make the crust:
-sieve the flour and baking powder
-add the sugar
-make a soft dough mxiing it with the soft butter ( not melted)
-if u feel it is a bit crumbly, drop in 3-4 drops of milk and knead
-cover it with a cling and let it be firm for half an hour
-Take a 28cm round form(with a latch to open)
-take small amount of dough in ur hand and spread it in the bottom of the form
with ur palms, and then the sides of the form
-it should be like a thin lining, coz it will increase a little bit as we use baking powder in it

-now take a big bowl to mix in the filling together
-turn in the pudding,double cream,curd and sugar
.beat it on a low speed so that it turns into a creamy mixture
-now pour this mixture into the lined form
-bake for 60 minutes in a “preheated” oven on 170°c

-you need no prick test to see if it is done ,as when the cream will take a light brown colour,its ready!
-Take it out and let it rest for half an hour, then put it in the fridge to cool it
-it tastes divine when it is a bit warm, but be careful while cutting as the cream may be runny


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