Saturday 20 October 2012

Chicken/Veg Pakoray

Pakoray are such a versatile snack, which can be eaten any time, with anything : )
The gram flour coating (besan) is an all rounder for everything, and the taste is simply out of this world: )
We can make different sorts of pakoray, the main ingredient is the same for batter.
I always fry my chicken pieces before making pakoray of them, it gives a better taste, though it is a bit of more work but well for the best we have to give the best
: ) I add Veg in it to make it more richer, of course you can only make chicken pakoray according to your choice..

Here’s what I do:

3 chicken breast fillet
1 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs lemon juice
crushed black pepper
4 pinches salt

Cut the fillet in squares prick with a fork, rub in the lemon juice, salt black pepper and then mix in the soya sauce ,leave it for half an hour.

For the batter:
¾ cup besan (gram flour)
½ cup plain flour
1 egg
1tsp salt
¾ tsp red chilli
¾ tsp whole zeera
1tsp coarsely crushed coriander
½ tsp fenugreek powder (methi)

½ cup cauliflower
2 small potatoes
2 small onion
1 small egg plant

Cut all in small cubes

-Now fry the chicken pieces in very little oil, to just give it a nice fried smell and a brownish color, frying them before; takes away the raw small of it.

-Now add all the vegetables in the batter together with the chicken pieces and deep fry. Sprinkle some chaat masala while they are still warm, this gives a very spicy taste. If you want you can omit all Vegetables and just dip the fried chicken and make pakoray, in this case leave the chicken meat in bigger chunks!
Happy frying : )

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