Sunday 6 July 2014

"Plum Chutney" (Aloo Bukhara Chutney)

I think be it plum or any other fruit the chutney of different fruits are made nearly all over around the globe. Call it a thick sauce, a stewed fruit pot or chutney.
 My friend makes the stewed fruits from cherries, prunes, plums, apples, bananas and strawberries. The last time I made my plum chuntey I added tamarind in it, this tme I left it in the original shape and color
:) It is funny how sometimes you come to a sudden thought and it turns out to be super. As I was making this chutney, I thought before it is ready I will look for a glass jar to preserve it. I always collect all empty jars for my dips,salsas and chutneys, the ones I had were quiet big so I had a look in my fridge for a smaller one and there I found one but it had some Raspberry jam in it.

Well no problem, I took out the rest 2 table spoons of the jam and in it went in my chutney pot! My oh my what a good idea, as it enhanced the taste of my chutney, so fruity so delicious so very yummz I tell you :D I made a little quantity as I had a rest of 5 plums lying and I wanted to make something.
The below given ingredients made around 250 gram of chutney, perfect for my jar. I think I will always add in some jam from now onwards you don’t need too much sugar as the jam fills that gap plus the rosy lovely color :) I bought organic pumpkin seeds, not white; they are light green in color the original actually. Some almonds as without them there is no Aloo bukharaa chutney: D

We can use this chutney for many many snacks too, apart from Biryaanis and Polao’s. I served it with cheese nuggets. It tastes fantastic with Samoosas, Pakooray, Rolls, sandwiches, grilled stuff, Tikka, Mince meat Kababs, Patties Potato chips,buns, channa chaat ,and of course Namak Paray and much more….

I know we all know this, but many many don’t, like all my friends here so this small description :) Susanne this is from me for your next grill party :D So here’s how I made it, I used really less ingredients; the color is original as I bought the ones which were a bit raw. I do not use salt in it, it is supposed to be a “meethi chutney” (sweet Chutney)


Short process, great outcome :)
5 plums
2 tbs sugar
2-3 tbs raspberry jam
1 tsp full cumin powder
¼ tsp red chili
7-8 almonds
1 tbs pumpkin seeds (Charmaghazz)
Cook plums
Add sugar when soft
Add spices
Add jam
Add almonds Cook till thick
Let cool down Fill in jar

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