Saturday 12 July 2014

Savory Cupcakes

Nothing new what I am presenting here, but because it was my Iftaar item today so how could I not share it :)
Actually the fastest way to make these is:
Roll out-Fill in-Bake-Ready J
Today I used the cheat dough, I thought why should I give myself and my eyes a bad conscious adding those blocks of butter in the dough  :) Sometimes it’s better to keep things hidden lol
What I did was, took one sheet of the Puff Pastry and after dusting with flour I rolled it out quite thin.
I wanted to take away its extreme flaky high volume structure. It really works.
A good time saving solution for a quick savory snack,in this case a full meal,as I filled it with mincemeat and potato and sprinkled cheese on the top.
For this we don’t make a curry out of the mince, we just boil it with spices we like and dry it up to the last drop of water so that it does not make the pastry soggy.
It’s up to your choice, you can do any filling, I make it with onion and mushrooms, with spinach and cheese and with mix vegetable beaten in an egg.
The picture seems a bit yellowish, it is actually very nice light cream but I think my camera acted  a bit too yellowish in the dark today :)
All you need to do is as follows, easy peasy and a quicky :
200 gram mince meat
1 large onion (in fine slices)
2 pods of garlic (chopped)
The following spices accordingly:
Salt to taste
Red chili flakes to taste
¼ tsp cumin powder
¼ all spices (garam masala)
2-3 green chili
3-4 medium potatoes (in cubes)
 -just mix all the above ingredients in a pot, add ½ glass of water and let it cook
-takes around 15 minutes, there will still be water so add the cubes of potatoes and let it cook
-the cubes will cook fast, so then just dry the water till the last drop
-let it cool down completely´
1 Pack of flaky pastry/Puff pastry
Roll is out really thin, it fluffs up either way :)
Cut out around 10 cm circles to fit in the muffin tray
You need no special cutter, if you have one wonderful, if not, no problems use any glass, or cup or as I did, I took a lid of my air tight box :)
See all works, we don’t need to be worried not having all the tools at home.
DON’T grease the muffin tray as the dough is already made with a generous amount of butter :D
Fill in each cup around 2 tbs each, sprinkle some cheese on the top and  bake in a preheated oven on 200°C for around 20 minutes.
You will see as the edges get a golden color, they don’t take long to cook if you roll them out really thin.
You see the thick edges which fluff up but the rest was really very fine thin and not at all heavy.
We had it with the tasty Plum Chutney. Need no dinner after that.
Try it out make your life easy, I surely prefer making all sort of dough’s at home but sometimes we need to relax and benefit from the readymade things and let the companies’ boom with high profits lol
Enjoy these quickies!

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