Thursday 9 October 2014

**Raffaello Gateau**

This Snow-White Gateau is a dream for all coconut lovers like I am ; if you are one of them then it is the ultimate Gateau for you :)
This time I did not make the typical Zarda for Eid as I wanted something different something creamy something exactly like this : )
You can make it for your loved ones on their special day and believe me they will ask for it again and again.
The cake batter I used here is the one I make for the Victoria Sponge Cake, it is important that the sponge is soft and thin and airy, you can follow this link on my site here:
Use the round form for it so you get a lovely grand outcome.
This is how it should Look
Now we need to know the things for the layering and the topping.
I use a lot of things for layers and fillings, I just think what would taste good and then I act accordingly.
I do not fill the layers with cream as it gets too heavy, but well this doesn’t mean that it won’t be heavy with the things I have used in it, you will realize after reading the ingredients :D
Okay here it goes;
25-30 Raffaello balls
(It’s important that you keep 7-8 Raffaellos in the fridge!!)
1 tin of condensed milk
1 tub of cream Fraiche or heavy sour cream
200 grams of Apricot cream/paste/jam
100-150 desiccated coconut
250 ml whipping cream
1 tbs soft butter
1 sachet of cream stabilizer
It is better if all things are prepared ahead, I always start after I have set and laid all out, so I can use them one after the other when I have my hands in the making of the cake.
First of all bake the cake and let it cool down completely, I made It a day before
Then cut the cake either in two or three parts as you wish, I used the easy cake wire, for the even cutting
Separate all layers and place on flat plates
Beat the cream Fraiche slightly with a whisk, mix in the condense milk and let aside
Now open the wrappers of at least 20-22 Raffaellos and put in a nylon bag, now roll over with the rolling pin or crush them gently with the wooden hammer we use to flatten the steak
The cream will spread in the bag, never mind, I left some almonds half crushed as i like the crunchy bites ; )
Now mix these crushed Raffaellos in the cream/condense milk together into a smooth cream
Empty the Apricot paste/ jelly in a bowl and whisk smooth
Now spread the condense milk mixture on the first piece of cake, let it sink in the cake, wait 1-2 minutes and then spread the apricot paste/jam on it
Carefully lay the second cake piece on it and repeat the same procedure : condense milk, apricot cream, 1-2 rest time
Now cover the last part, and now just spread the apricot cream on it.

Now whisk the whipping cream, add the stabilizer, whisk till it is firm, gently mix in the soft butter and whisk on a low speed so all forms a smooth creamy mixture
Now you can cover the whole cake with this cream starting from the top, to the sides round around
Sprinkle the coconut on the top, then cover all sides.
Now take the rest Raffaellos from the fridge and cut them in halves using a good sharp knife so they don’t break.
Now place them on the top, as many as you like : )
Keep the cake over night COVERED in the fridge, so that it does not absorb the smells of all the other foodstuffs kept in there.
The ultra delicious Snow-White dream is ready to serve
Enjoy baking and eating it and I’ll wait for your feedbacks : )
We can make the Ferrero Rocher and the Ferrero K├╝ssen cake the very same way.

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