Saturday 13 June 2015

Fit start in the day :)

Another Option for a very tasty start in the day, this tme i just used a lot lot of strawberries and blue berries, some grains of crunch,some mixed seeds of melon and water melon topped with dry banana chips wow,it's amazing it's divine and so very crunchy :D

My experience is that; eating wholemeal and whole grains in the morning, covers up the "Depot" for nearly 4-5 hours.
There is no sugar in it, it is solely the fruit sugar and yes drops of organic honey in each layer.
Why do we need to eat the heavy bread slices spread with jam and sausages?
The moment you finish the lavish heavy breakfast, you feel like sleeping,don't you :D
No doubt, the body needs all the energy to digest what we've put in, and that takes hours too.
Take a middle heavy breakfast when you know that you are on a go to movement,then you can really work it out,but being home do start your day with fresh and light things.
Remember your eyes eat with you, make it colorfull with all the fruit you like and enjoy each bit :)

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