Monday 15 June 2015

Through the eyes of the camera lens........

Sometime you never notice the things lying around you, till they are brought to your Attention.

My lovely sweet niece visited me, and being an Artist she had that eye for bringing out things.

She went around with her camera and captured different corners of my home, made lovely small cards and collages and one fine evening she presented them to me.

I was so surprised to see so many things i din't notice. I loved her idea of this close photography,emphasising the hidden details

I had also made many collages in a bit larger format, so i thought  to upload all  here and share this beautiful idea for others too.

Thank you my lovely beautiful Sohniya, i loved you, love you and will love you always and forever :) I dedicate this post to you my dearest!

Courtesy SOHNIYA :)


                                                       Hand-made wooden work from my Country :)

                                              A beautiful gift all the way from Turkey :)
The lovely dry Anniversary flower bunch 4 years back :D


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