Thursday 15 September 2016

""The Ultimate Lemon Zest Cake""

I am still roaming in heaven as i still have half of the loaf of this divine cake i baked yesterday :)
There is no Limit of baking this Lemon cake again and again and i keep doing small changes to see the out come but the main ingredients stay more or less the same.
I have slowly skipped to Spelt flour, ok not 100% yet but i do try to use at least 70% of this for my bakings

It is healthier and tastes equally good  but yes it's a bit different in structure as it bakes more like a bread, the good thing is, that  it has more Mineral supplements in it whereas the plain white flour has a very less amount of it, all are washed away while refining it.
Ok so if you want to have a slice of this Lemon cake with your tea today,then i better come to the recipe directly :D Bake and enjoy this flavor.
You may notice that i mention organic in front of things i have used, of course you can use the non organic if it's difficult to find one but the amount of Pestizide on all these things is so unhealthy that i would recommand to buy the natural untreated Food stuff as far as you can afford and buy them.
We never realize what great amount of chemicals we swallow with our daily Food :(
Ok so here's what i did;
3 large eggs
100 g sugar (it's around 1 Cup full)
1/2 Cup oil (makes the cake fluffly)
200 g flour( i used spelt flour)
120 g plain yoghurt (at least 10% fat)
Zest of 2 lemons ( i used organic as the Skin is not sprayed with chemicals)
Juice of 2 Limes (best if organic)
Peel of one Lemon(organic)
2 tsp baking powder ( again organic with out iodin salt)
2 pinches of Soda bicarbonate ( Arm and Hammer Quality)
For the top icing glaze
120 g Castor sugar
3-4 tbs of Lemon Juice + a drop of hot water
-beat the eggs,sugar and the yoghurt till all mixes smoothly,add the oil and give all a good whisk
-add the Lemon zest and Juice of one lime and just mix well
-now sift the flour and baking powder and add slowly and keep mixing but be careful do not over beat as it may become  rubbery, just on a low Speed and just for 1 Minute that all gets smooth
-cut the Lemon peel in tiny fine stripes ,add half of them in the batter and Keep the rest for the cake topping

-turn over this batter in a greased loaf pan and bake it on 170°c for at least 40-45 minutes
-Keep a check,don't open the oven just through the glass, you will see it opening from the middle, that is normal,no Panic :)

Insert a shashlik stick to do the test if it is done.
it took nearly 45 minutes and then i took it out and let it cool on a wire
-Prepare the glaze before hand, i 
drizzled the glaze in the middle of the cake so it went till the bottom which was Oh My God so heavenly tasty!
-wait for 20 minutes then drizzle the rest glaze right left here and there as you wish :)

-Sprinkle the Lemon peel on the top and let it cool,or just cut a thick juicy Piece like i did and eat it at the spot :D
It's simply so juicy, moist so lemonisssssh so yummmy!

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