Thursday 20 October 2016

**Dinner with Friends**

A big hello to my readers,followers and Viewers.
Long time no see :)I know i have not uploaded since a time but as soon as there is something to share i load it up for you all:D

We had invited our Honourable Uncle, my dear friend's dear Daddy for dinner,had a very lovely time and it was my pleasure to have him here.

You can find all recipes here except the Cheese Cake which i will update soonest

Just sharing the beautiful evening's spread :)

Cheesy Stufed Bell Peppers with Mincemeat/Mushrooms/Onion
Gouda/Mozzarella/Edamer Cheese

Jalferezi-Vegetable Rice- Chicken Koftay

Boondiyaan (Gram-flour Fritters in youghurt) with roasted red chilli-cumin and Curry leaves)

Smilies :D

Vegetable Rice

Cheese Cake

Cream Della Cream

Surf through and enjoy :D

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