Monday 24 October 2016

~*NY Cheese Cake*~

You only have to think about the cheese cake and  your mouth gets full with that creamy  flavor  of the soft  cream sweet and sour and that crispy crispy bottom, isn’t it : )
I have made lots of different cheese cakes, my beloved Niece Zara is the greatest fan of my cheese cake : )
It’s always exciting to try and then create your own new recipe.

 After baking a range of cheese cakes, the blue berry, the custard, the raspberry, the pudding cheese cakes I have tried and made this New Yorker style cheese cake which is famous for its sour frozen taste.

I got this recipe from my neighbors and then I adjusted it according to the taste I liked.
Some amount minus and some plus and this is really the best what came out.

 I have baked it 5-6 times till now in the last 8 weeks and it was always gone till the last piece.
The amount makes a nice even and not so thick cake, and if I want to make it larger in size I just double these ingredients.
You can make tarts and pies and cup cakes using this recipe, it’s SUPER DUPER in every way!
We first prepare the bottom and do the filling

Usually digestive biscuits are used for the bottom, but you can use the butter biscuits as well, I use both whatever is at hand but take care not to use too sweet biscuits.
I don’t grind them like many do, I crush them and I like leaving some chunks in it too
Just put them in a plastic bag, and roll over with a rolling pin and crush right to left.

So here it goes;
150 g digestive/butter biscuits
80 g butter ( heat on a low flame till liquid)
-crush the biscuits
-turn into a bowl
-heat the butter till liquid
-pour all over to the crushed biscuits and mix with hands till all mixed well
(Take a round form  of 24cm with a latch so you can open it after it is ready)
Spread these crushed biscuits on the base of the form and press gently with your Palms to even the Surface equally
Bake this in the preheated oven on 170°C just for 8-10 minutes
The bottom will be ready firm crispy

The Filling:
100 g sugar
2 tbs very level starch (Speisestärke)
250 g Philadelphia  cheese spread (Frisch Käse)
150 g Curd Cheese ( Mager Qurak)
80 ml liquid cream (Schlag Sahne)
1 egg
2-3 tbs lemon juice

For the Glaze
150 g sour cream (Schmand)
1-2 tbs sugar
2-3 tsp lemon juice

Don’t be confused with the double use of lemon juice, this is the main kick in the taste so use exactly as mentioned  : )

-first of all beat the sugar, along with the cheese spread, curd cheese and the starch till all turns nice creamy with the hand mixer
-now add the egg, the liquid cream and the lemon juice and DON’T use the hand mixer, just mix it with the spatula gently till all forms a creamy structure .
-Pour this creamy mixture onto the ready crispy bottom evenly and bake this in the preheated oven on 170°C for around 50-5 minutes
-take the cake out and let it cool down a bit, say around 15 minutes

-now make the glaze, don’t make it ahead as the sour cream and sugar will leave water and it will become too runny!
-just feel the top of the cake if the extreme heat has cooled down, then spread the glaze with the help of a spoon, spread evenly and place it in the oven again and bake another 10 minutes
Finally the cake is done, take it out, let it cool properly before you keep it in the fridge
This should chill at least 6 hours, I usually bake a night before so it has enough time to chill the whole night.
Enjoy baking  and do share your experience :)

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