Saturday 27 July 2019

**Family Gatherings**

Hello my dear viewers, hope you all are still there dropping by off and on :)
Quite a while that i uploaded anything, reason: life has become a bit busier than usual and eating habbits have taken a back seat :)

I had guest over from different parts of Europe, more of a family gathering after a long time and the last week was spent more or less in my favorite place my Kitchen my territory :-) 

Few things were on the wish list and few were on my menu plan, the recipes can be found right here on this site.

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family, i read this saying some time back, and that is so true, the joy the fun is no doubt double so great, sitting together, chatting and enjoying eating my delsih food :-D ( show off)

I'll uplaod few pictures from 'The Table'

Stir-Fried Beef on a bed of Rice with grilled Vegetable. I fry them and grill in the oven

The potato cutlets are an all time favorite from everyone so they are a must item which cannot be missed :)

A sunny boy's wedding bells are nearing and we celebrated a pre-ceremony, so i made "Petit Four" for him, basically worked with organic lemons and cream, spread the lemon glaze with a pearl on the top,that was a treat for the soul :)

Memories are made, when gathered around the table

Food is our common ground, a universal experience
James Beard

"Families that eat together, stay together" (Unknown Autor)

The brunch is the most important enjoyable part of our family sittings, a hearty start of the day with all what the tummy finds yummy :D

The sweet dessert was on the wish list, it is the traditional 'Ice-cream' made with milk and cream and garnished with nuts in and out and spread with a real silbver leaf on the top....kept to freeze over night.
A dream dessert :)

The Chai snacks are an all rounder, any time, any where, any quantity they are always on the table as an energizer, Chick pea Salad which is tangy and spicy with that extra tamarind chutney oh yummmz :)

 Opppssss the kling was still stuck on :-D

My Niece turned a bit more wiser and younger ( not older as i still have to live a few years ;-) so i baked  Melt-in-mouth Choco cuppies for her with vibrant colors topping according to her chirpy nature :)

Recipe will follow soon :)

Few bakings on the agenda in the coming days, so keep tuned and cheers :-)

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