Wednesday 31 July 2019


I had made another Classy dish of my Mom  few days back and was wanting to share with you all too, the time to jot down the detailed recipe was missing, so today I sat down to do it :)

 It’s a famous "Hyderabadi Qubooli" made with Minced meat and all what is important to make it yummilicious : )

Mom had done many changes according to her taste and imagination, so this may seem different, but once made and eaten, you will never forget, this is my garantie : D

The memories of eating this years back made from Moms hands..., is till day today fresh in mind..... How i miss it....

The topping of it with fried potato is the highlight and Mom's own creation, which gives this dish a more richer taste, but at times when I am lazy I just fry the French fries: / this too tastes good; but more of a ready made chips taste, it should be crispy and fresh : ) so best is with the self made fresh potatos, no second view :D

Of course the ones in layers get soft, but the ones i save for the top are super crispy.

I usually prepare one part ahead and assemble it the next day if I have any guests; the best thing is that it tastes yummier the next day and that too; cold : ) I just lovvvvvve it!!!!!

So this is what we do. The process will seem long as the list is long but once you start to make it, it’s not more than making any Biryani preps : )

The more effort the yummier the taste as Mom used to say:
“Jitna gurr daloogay utna meetha hoga “means jitni Mehnat utna maza : )

I prepare all before hand as i start off, so here are the preps you can do one by one to make it easy in the end.

**1 cup daal channa( Bengal gram)
(wash and soak overnight)
This is important because the grains grow flatter and larger and are the beauty in the rice !

**4 cups rice (wash and soak 15 minutes and then boil with 3 tsp salt,as we make normal khushka,(plain white boiled rice) drain and keep covered so that they don’t dry

**I add Anis star, sticks of cinnamon, cloves and black pepper

**Boil eggs, slice them and keep aside
**Chop the bunches of coriander and peppermint

**Wash 3-5 green chilies or as many as you like, I love them so I add a lot, I love the hot taste with rice :)

**1 tbs Zarda rang (yellow food color)

So we need:

** 750 gram minced meat (I use half lamb half beef)

4 large onions (fine sliced)
3 large tomatoes (fine sliced)
5-6 green chilies (slit In the middle)
1tbs grated fresh garlic
2tbs julienne cut fresh ginger
6-8 curry patta 

1 ¼ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp red chili flakes
1 tsp coriander powder
1 ½ tsp roasted cumin powder
½ tsp almond powder
½ tsp turmeric (haldi)
¾ tsp garam masala
2tbs tomato paste (you can use thick purée too)
2tbs of mixed whole spices:
Black pepper corn, cloves, big cardamom, cumin seed
¾ cup oil

**for the layers 
5-6 hard boiled eggs
1 bunch fresh chopped coriander
½ bunch fresh chopped peppermint
1 large onion fried brown and crispy
1-2 large potato fried (cut in small cubes and shallow fried)

-heat oil, add the whole spices let splutter a bit
-add onion, fry evenly till nice light brown
-add the curry patta and fry a bit
-now put in the minced meat and sauté till all changes color
-Sprinkle the garlic to kill the smell
-add half the ginger and mix all
-the meat will leave juices so keep stirring on low heat
-the meat should not dry and form balls!
-Now sprinkle the spices one by one except the garam masala!
-Keep stirring, now drain the water and add the daal into it
-mix all well, and add the rest ginger
-mix in the tomato paste/puree and mix all
-we add NO water to it, all gets cooked in the tomato and meat juices
-now lay all sliced tomato slices and cover the lid to cook
-in around 20 minutes you’ll see that the daal is ¾ soft, let it stay so as we don’t overcook till mushy!
-now sprinkle the garam masala and keep it a bit slanted on any wooden coaster so that the oil gathers on one side
-drain that oil in a small bowl for the layering
-now cut the potato in cubes and fry on a medium heat till they seem roasted and cooked

**Now start the layering:
-spread the drained oil
-spread the rice
-top with mince/daal mixture
-lay slices of eggs all around
-sprinkle some potatos
-lay chopped coriander/peppermint/green chili
-sprinkle some fried onion
-again rice and once again the same process

-Save some fried potato for the top deco!
-Now make 5-6 deep holes with a wooden spoon’s back
-And sprinkle the zarda rang ( yellow food color) directly into the holes and close them

Cover the pot with an alu-foil piece and set it on steam (dumm)
First on the highest flame, as soon as you see the steam coming out of the pot, turn down to the lowest and keep it on the stove for around 10-15 minutes

Insha’Allah they'll turn super!!!

As you dish out the Qubooli, set the rest fried potatoes and the fried onions on the top

I sprinkle pomegranate seeds on it too, gives a very tangy taste,ultra delish!

It’s a very rich and heavy dish and a delight for the eyes and soul and the tummy…!

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