Monday 12 November 2012

Tortilla Espanola

Tortilla is actually like a Spanish Omlette. It is made with many variations, with Vegetable, meat or Potatoes

It is usually made in a pan but we can also bake it.
Serve it as a breakfast or as a side dish, I made it for my lunch and it’s pretty heavy alone : )

I have used some of my own hot spices which are usually not used in it, I also added green chili in it : ) but it is solely your choice to season it the way you like : )
Many deep fry the potatoes, but I fry them in less oil till crispy

Initially there are some specific ingredients in it and the dash of saffron is typical Spanish.

I used no onions, I just forgot lol but it didn’t make any great taste difference, I used fewer eggs because I made a smaller one and i added milk in it instead of more eggs, to make it thicker

So this is what I did:

3 large potatoes
3 eggs
4-5 tbl olive oil (extra virgin)
2-3 tbl of red chili sauce
2 garlic pods
Coarsely chopped fresh coriander
½ tsp salt or to taste
½ tsp red chili flakes
¼ tsp Kräuter der provence (provincial Herbs)
2-4 tbl milk
Dash of Saffron

-wash, peel and cut thin slices of the potatoes
-heat the olive oil in a non stick pan
-fry the slices till they are cooked and become nice gold in color
- pour the chili sauce in a bowl
-grate the garlic and add the spices to it and mix all
-now beat in the milk with saffron and with eggs till fluffy
-pour this onto the cooked crispy potato and set on a low heat to cook
-if the heat is high the bottom of the Tortilla will burn so keep it low
-as you see bubbles on the top, try to turn over in another pan so the top is also cooked
- I used another pan of the same size to turn it over
-just cook 2-3 minutes then turn over again so the nice top doesn’t get dark
-cover a lid so the rest is also cooked
- There you have your Tortilla ready

Serve with a nice bread and salad
It is a complete meal!

Happy Cooking : )

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