Monday 28 January 2013

Spinach Tortellini in Cheese Sauce

I lately had Broccoli Tortellini with Fish and Vegetables with my friend and since then I was craving to eat it again but was too lazy to make it. Though it is not too hard to make but it does take some time to prepare it.
So to have it done fast I took the frozen spinach for filling : ) you can surely take any Veg...
etable like broccoli, paprika, cauliflower or even minced meat.
I used julienne cut carrots and cabbage which I always have in my freezer because I prepare the packs and freeze them for my pan fried Veg : )
We can also make the Roux for it if we want a bit less Calorie bomb : ) but I prefer the original and classic way, the yummy cheese sauce….when, then in full bloom : )
It is best to prepare all beforehand then all is done quite fast.

So this is what I did:

100 gram plain flour
1 egg
2 tbs oil

-Make soft dough out of these 3 ingredients
-Sprinkle drops wise water to make dough soft if needed.
-Cover and let it rest at least an hour
-Roll out the dough thin and flat
-Cut out round circles with help of a cutter or any sharp round thing like a pastry ring.
-I just made less for the first try so I made like 9 tortellinies, they are very filling so it’s okay for the start for 2 people.
The circle was 8cm
 For the filling:
50 gram spinach
(i took frozen cubes)
3-4 tbs Ricotta cheese
Salt to taste
Black pepper from the mill
Dash of mixed dry herbs
(oregano, rosemary, thyme)

-Thaw the spinach first and then press and drain if any water, and then mix in salt and Black pepper in the cheese and add in the spinach and mix well.
This is not hot at all so we have to stick to these spices : ) Of course you can add any other spice to taste, no restrictions…

You can use any according to taste, but the usual ones are carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas and beans

I took:
1 cup together Julienne cut carrots, cabbage
Handful of peas and beans

For the Sauce:
200 gram fresh cheese spread(Exquisa)
100 gram grated Cheese ( Gouda)
150ml milk
2-3 tbs butter
Salt and pepper to taste
½ tsp mild curry powder
-Now start the process
-fill in the spinach, take care don't fill too much,leave space to overlap them, and then press the edges well so they stick firm, then turn them back ways and press hard so they stick together
-as my friend says it so sweetly, it is like we have overlapped our hands behind our back: D
-make all 9 and cool them a bit so the flour gets hard and it seals well

-boil half a pot of water with some salt and oil and put the Tortellini’s in it
-just let them boil 3-4 times not longer or else they will start to open
-take them out and place in a bowl
-On the other hand prepare the cheese sauce:
-Heat butter in a non stick pan
-add all the Vegetable and fry till it is half done, I don’t fry much as it tastes super when it is crunchy
Add the curry powder-salt and pepper
-Now pour the milk
-Mix the cream cheese smooth with a fork and add into it
-Keep stirring so it does not burn
-Add the curry powder ,mix well
-now drop in the Tortellini’s and keep stirring slightly , but not so hard that they break : )
-cook on low heat around10-13 minutes
-drop the grated cheese along so it melts and makes a nice thick creamy structure.

There you have a very yummy Lunch ready : )

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