Monday 31 December 2012

**The Wedding Cake**

My sweet friend’s daughter was getting married and I thought what would be better than a handmade sweet gift on this special day : )
This cake seemed to be perfect for the delicate bride and as I knew she had chosen a white and red dress for the ceremony I thought this Red Velvet Cake would be the best!
I have already uploaded the recipe of the normal size cake, but for those who ever plan to make this Wedding Cake of 6 kilo, I will write the measurements for this too.
I would like to mention here that it is best to use the brand ingredients for this as it does make a difference if we use any other equal product in place. This is my experience especially for the cream cheese and shortening!
If you want the frosting to be firm and that it stays firm really long use the best brands.
I had refrigerated this cake the whole night but on the Wedding it was in the hall in the room temperature around 2 hours but the cream and the shape of the flowers were exactly the same even after that : )
I have made this cake thrice so I must say now I add ingredients without any accurate measurements, I just feel and know it will be okay, but I will try to write more or less the exact here for you all : ) You can follow the process as mentioned in the recipe on my Birth-Day Cake.
Here’s what I did:
-I baked 3 cakes, 2 large sheet cakes and 1 half sheet cake.( A normal oven’s baking sheet)
-Let the cakes cool down completely only then they are ready for the heavy frosting.
-After layering the 2 large sheet cakes, I inserted 6 straws in the middle before I placed the half sheet cake on the top. This is important so it can hold the weight of the top most layer, or else after a short time it will sink in the middle and spoil your whole cake.
-In the end i inserted 5 more straws from the top till the bottom to hold all tightly. Just cut the extra length with a scissors.
For the large sheet cake:
(The same ingredients but baked twice, and the half of it for the small half sheet)
 2 ½ cups flour
1 ½ tsp cocoa powder
2 cups sugar
1 ½ cup oil
3 eggs (M)
1 ½ cup butter milk
1 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 ½ tsp red powder color (more for more brightness if needed)
1 tbs Vinegar
Baking time 30-35 minutes on 170°C preheated oven
Insert a tooth pick to check if done, don’t increase the heat as the red color will burn into brown!
Grease the sheet tray and dust with flour so the cake will slip out very easily.
Cool all three at least 2 hours till you feel they are really cold!
The cream Cheese frosting:
*I used butter in my first cake, it was good enough but it melted a bit sooner as I was decorating my cake. The color was also a bit yellowish in the end, so I wanted a really white icing and I read somewhere that the shortening is best for this purpose.
*I used the full fat Philadelphia cheese cream as it has no water contents and the cheese stay firm.
In my second cake I had used a similar cream with no brand and it had some watery effect and the cream turned a bit soft while whisking so important to use a full fat cream
** For this cake I took:
750 gram Mascarpone cream ( 3 small tubs)
800gram Cream Cheese (full fat from Exquisa a 200 gr)
400gram Biskin shortening (2 packets)
450 gram castor sugar (more if you feel the frosting is soft, 2 ½  box)
4 tsp Vanilla essence
This made a great amount, but I needed this for the sandwich, the sides, the top and then the flowers.
I did one coating and kept it in the fridge over night, so next day it was even and I could cover up the whole cake easily
I made the frosting and kept it in the fridge over night so it was very smooth and firm to do decorations the next day! You can also freeze the left over and just mix in some more castor sugar if it is watery.
So you can follow the method according to the recipe.
I think I will take a long pause before I make it again as I have already made it thrice in this one month and that is really too much : )
Good Luck if any of you plan to make this : )

Here’s the link which I molded accordingly:

For the Frosting

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