Sunday 30 December 2012

Chicken in Tomato and Spring Onion Sauce

The name seems too long : ) but this was the easiest way to describe it. It has been cooked mainly in these two so I thought to name it that way, of course it is actually a type of karahi too, but I did not use many karahi ingredients in it.

I make chicken with many many variations, sometimes it’s only a mix max for all what i have at hand or what I thin...k will turn into some dish : )
 This here is a very simply yet so fresh and different in taste. I usually use fresh tomatoes for all my dishes except one or two, as some time the taste of tin tomatoes is very nice and tangy mixed with our spices.

I make it in the wok and it’s a work of hardly 30 minutes! The color is really extra rich and bright as you see here : ) I bought this very delicious soft butter naan from the Turkish shop, they make it fresh in the Tandoor in front of us and wow the baking aroma of it drives you really crazy.
Here’s how I make it, no fuss just easy and fast with a Super outcome : )

500gram chicken
¼ cup oil ( 50 ml)
5-6 curry leaves (karhi pattay)
1 big tin of pizza tomatoes (they are in small cubes)
1 bunch of spring onions (around 5-6 in a bunch)
2-3 tbs lemon juice
1 ¼ tsp salt or to taste
¾ tsp red chili
½ tsp cumin powder
¼ tsp turmeric (haldi)
½ tsp fenugreek powder (methi powder)
1 tsp ginger/garlic paste
-open the tomato tin and pour all out in a bowl
-now mix all the spices (except the lemon juice and the GG paste) in it
-wash and dry the chicken pieces so they don’t leave too much water while frying
-wash and cut fine rings of the spring onions both parts green and white!
-heat the oil in a wok or any non stick broad pan
-throw the curry leaves and just fry for 2-3 seconds till crunchy
-now put the spring onion in it and fry very light brown, don’t let burn!
-next, add the chicken pieces and mix and stir gently on a medium heat
-sprinkle the lemon juice, this helps to keep the meat firm
-stir till the meat starts changing color
-add the GG paste and stir well
-the meat will cook slowly and change into a light gold color
-now pour the spices mixed tomato on it , mix all well and cover half and let it cook
-the tomatoes will become softer and mix up with the spring onions into a thick sauce.
-just stir off and on so all chicken pieces absorb the gravy too
-it takes around 30 minutes till all is set and mixed up in the sauce
-sprinkle some more fenugreek powder and cover
-this gives your dish a special yummy touch, very fresh and spicy : )

Note: I don’t add any coriander powder nor the fresh one, the methi (fenugreek) gives it a very nice aroma, so that should stay!
No extra green chilies as it is light and complete with the spices.
Of course you can add them according to wish, for me it is a must so I eat them separately : )

Enjoy Cooking!

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