Tuesday 18 December 2012

**Cookies Baking Fun Time**

I name it „The Cookie Adventurous Evening”
Winter time is the exact time when you want to bake with heart and soul. And I am so passionate about baking biscuits in winter, the aroma spread in the whole house, the atmosphere, the preparing of dough and the best part I love is the shapes of the cookies!!

It is such a genuine hand work art, different shapes  not so perfect rounds : ) This IS the real fun, It is simply indescribable….
My friends and I decided to bake together this year.. We all gathered at my station and we had the best time ever!! It was so much fun and joy in the air. One of the friends lives just one floor below us, so we took control of her oven too : )

Running up and down stairs and giggles and laughs made the whole so enjoyable. Each of us had decided to make their speciality and in the end we had tins and tons of cookies, along with piles of trays but still the jolly tones and smiling faces with endless stories to tell each other  : )
I would like to thank my lovely friends and my sweet daughter for making the day a memorable one!!
Thank you Susanne, Katharina and Hani darling!!!



Susanne made the Jam Hearts and Stars, Hani made the Cranberry Cookies and Katharina and I made the Date Rings!! We also made some Cinnamon Cookies, actually we just rolled them out as Susanne’s hubby made it easy for us and had prepared the dough for us a day before : )
It is a real treat to have a cookie a day with my daily tea : )

Link to the Date Rings and the Cranberry Cookies:



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