Thursday 20 December 2012

Happy Birth-Day to ME : )

The Lady in Red : )
The Red Velvet cake
So again another year passes by leaving lots of good memories and lots of uncompleted wishes and work… But Thanks to the Almighty God for granting me another year of health happiness and the support and love of my Family!

I had planned to make something different on this day, usually I don’t bake extra cakes for myself, my daughter does this part…but I was quite curious to know the taste of the so world famous Red Velvet Cake and set my hands on it : )
I am glad I made it and I must say it has a very unique taste, many may say it seems unbaked but this IS the Red Velvet feeling!!

It is moist, it is juicy, it is soft.. The light cocoa flavor gives a special taste to the tongue, it may seem like  a brownie at times : ) The shocking silky red color is the main high light and sandwiched with snow white cream it IS the Cake one would love to have at least once!
The process seemed too long as I first read all ingredients on different sites, some use butter some use shortening and I used oil! I thought when I will add the tons of butter and cheese to my frosting, then I can at least save some calories of butter in the batter : )

I have no special recipe; I just had a read through many recipes, I came across and I tingled mingled and made this here : )
Here’s the link which I molded accordingly:
For the Frosting:

The important thing is to take care of the quantity of the baking soda and baking powder, I did not measure the flour to each point, I poured the butter milk according to my feeling, the batter must not be to runny and neither too thick, you can take the basic outline and just play around with it, as this is what I really did : )
I used ¾ cup oil in it.
 I used half brown sugar and half white refined sugar.
I took only 1 tbs of cocoa
I used the normal all purpose flourI used both baking agents in it
Baking soda and baking powder.
I used the red food color in powder form as it gives a far more fresh and bright color!
Oh and I forget to add salt and the Vanilla essence, but honestly it dint make a great difference : )
For the frosting:
I mixed 2 different cheeses with butter for the frosting:
-Mascarpone (200gram)
-Philadelphia (200gram)
-Butter (120 gram)
Castor sugar (220 gram makes 2 cups)
I just made simple Rostte as Deco mixing a touch of red color in the white cream and sprinkled dry coconut mixed in red color too. I like it this way :)
I am quite happy with the outcome and the lovely outlook of this cake, it is in fact a *melt in mouth* cake no doubt!!!
My Special thanks to “Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio”