Sunday 30 December 2012

*Cheeeeezy Spinach-Potato Casserole*

This was my ultra yummmy Lunch  :)
Me being a pasta Lover, make it too often, it takes less time and is so heart warming that you just can't hold your hands back :)

 Get is coming closer.....and closer..... and there you have it in your mouth..ummmm tasty ain't it :D
I made a small casserole of it and you really don’t need much for it, normally we have all things at home. I had 2 boiled potatoes, and fresh spinach and that’s all we need for this quick and delishhhh dish : )
Make it today if you want to and you... will be surprised to see how fast all goes: )
This is very mild only then you can feel the different tastes of everything in it, the spinach tastes so natural good and the cream makes it so silky : )
You need:
2 big boiled potatoes
400gram fresh spinach
1 pack of Crème Fraîche
200 gram grated cheese
1+1 tbs butter(for spinach and greasing)
Spices according to your taste and choice:
Red chili
Cumin powder
*wash the spinach, cut roughly
*boil water in a broad pot and add the spinach to it and let it boil 3-4 times
*drain the water, the spinach will reduce in volume
*put in a bowl and drop butter on it and cover it so it stays soft
*slice the boiled potatoes a but thicker as usually
*grease a small casserole with butter
*Sprinkle some of each spice directly on it
*lay half the boiled spinach in it, cover with half of the cream fraiche
*lay the potato slices on it, season again
*another layer of spinach-spice-.cream-potato
*now sprinkle the grated cheese all over
*place it in a preheated oven on 170° C
*bake till the cheese melts and spreads and turns into a lovely gentle soft gold color.
*important is not to let it burn, it may turn bitter..
There you have your yummy lunch, so quick, so fast yet super delicious!!!
Happy cooking : )


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