Wednesday 30 January 2013

Chicken Tikka Sandwiches

Sandwiched can be eaten at any time of the day, they only be yummy : )

There are surely thousands of ways and recipes to make the chicken sandwich, I for myself find this very tasty and I use Coleslaw in it so it is so fresh and juicy and delicious : )
I usually always cut the carrots and cabbage and freeze them, but   this time i bought the fine julienne cut carrots and cabbage bag, they were so fresh and organic and I was so happy to find them because I just needed these two Veggies.

I used the light whole meal bread and brown bread with sunflower seeds for my sandwiches, it gives a far more delicious taste, many like white bread, so it’s your choice, but brown bread is honestly yummier  : )
You'll  find the recipe for the coleslaw here in the blog
 So this is how I made these Sandwiches:
400 gram chicken breast fillet
2-3 tbs Soya sauce
¼ tsp pomegranate powder (Anar dana powder)
¼ tsp salt ( I took less because the soya sauce is also salty)
½ tsp chaat masala
½  tsp red chili flakes
¼  tsp
½ lemon’s juice 
(a form of mayo with herbs mixed in it)
Iceberg salad leaves

*wash and dry and cut in fine stripes
*marinate with all the above given spices and let it rest overnight
*next day fry this on a high heat; keep stirring gently so they don’t break in pieces
*don’t prick or press, they will stay very juicy
*now cut the edges of the bread, spread mayo and remolade on each side
*place 1tbs spoon coleslaw on one side of the bread
*spread the chicken stripes all over and cover with some coleslaw again, lay one leaf of salad
*cover with the second slice and prick a tooth pick to hold firm
I made them half an hour ahead and then covered them with a very light wet kitchen towel and covered in a nylon bag
They were very soft and fresh at the time of serving.
Enjoy making them, they are cold sandwiches and taste really good.
You can surely increase the spices to your choice, but they should not be hot or else you won’t feel the delicious combination of coleslaw and chicken!


  1. This is SUPERB. The presentation itself gets full marks. And the recipe is so easy to follow. Will surely try . I love sandwiches too. But am always in a hurry and so it just amounts to a quick brush of sandwich spread and whatever is left over from last night's dinner :)
    Where did you put the carrot? Is it necessary? It gives me tummy aches :( And what do you mean by " white bread with sunflower seeds"?
    AND I LOVE THOSE UMBRELLAS! Wish we got them here.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments dear Anjabeen :)It is indeed a very easy recipe, do try it and of course you can omit carrots if it gives you tummy ache,i added them in the coleslaw as it is a must for it na :)

      I meant many peopel like white bread, but i have used light brwon with sunflower seeds. We get different grainy breads here so i mentioned that :) I think if you look for these umbrella sticks in any cake and pastry shop there you might get them. Thank you once again :)