Thursday 10 October 2013

*Apple Cuppies-Soft and Spongy*

    The softest and spongiest ever Apple Cuppies :)
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I have made so many different types of Apple cakes and Pies and Sheet Cakes but this here is simply WOW, so quick and with a Super result!
 As I was visiting my Brother, my Sis in Law showed me her collection of Cook books, and there I found this one so tempting, it was in Flemish so I just took a photo of the page and thought I’ll try this out.
Today I was having a look at the old pictures I found this page, so first I translated the words in English and then started in the direction of my territory; My Kitchen : )
I had lately got nearly 2 dozens of fresh sun ripen organic apples from a sweet friend
 Thanks a lot Dear Hedda :)
So well I thought to try out this recipe.
I did not peel the apples as the real vitamins are in the peel, but  only if they are organic otherwise I would advise to peel  them to avoid all the pesticide from landing in the tummy :I
There are actually just 6 steps, do try it out you’ll love it for sure.
Things you need are;
80 g soft butter
2 eggs
1 cup flour (125 g)
½ tsp baking powder
1 cup sugar (125 g)
5-7 ml milk
Few drops of Vanilla essence
100 g almond flakes
2 apples
-beat the butter fluffy and even
-add the eggs and beat till foamy
-add the sugar +Vanilla essence and beat till all mixes up well
-sieve the flour and baking powder and add into the mixture
-beat well till the batter is creamy and a bit gooey
-add the milk to give it a silky flowy structure
-add the almond flakes and just fold all with a spatula
-I used a Silicon Muffin form for it
-Now cut really tiny fine pieces of the apples
-Place 1 tbs apple in each form
-Now scoop over the batter till top but it should be even to the surface
-Clean the sides and place the form on a baking sheet so it has a firm base
-Bake in a preheated oven on 170° for around 25 minutes
-They are baked quite soon, the apples are soft and the batter fluffs up like a sponge cake .
-Take them out, let rest 5 minutes then dust castor sugar on the top
-Let it stay in the form for a while before you take them out as the bottom is just with apples so it needs to settle a bit.
There you have your extra delicious cuppies ready in no time, enjoy it with a cup of tea , you can top with a scoop of cream if you like but these are so moist and spongy  that you really don’t need that extra Calorie bomb lol…

          You can see the Apple layer on the bottom and the spongy cake on the top, soft and juicy : )



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