Saturday 19 October 2013

Spicy Tikka and Vegetable Skewers

The Meaty Eid brings a lot of spicy delicious dishes with it, plans are been made a week ahead what all to cook, fry, grill and roast : ) I had planned to make Tikka and Haleem this time, apart from the Sandali Polau which is a must on each Eid.


I got the fresh beef,lamb and turkey meat  to make these dishes, beef is best for haleem, lamb for polau and turkey for Tikkay.
I marinated the tikka over night as they become so tender and need really less time to cook.I just use very simple spices but i use lots of garlic so they turn extreme delish!
                                                        You Need:
1 kg meat (I took turkey breast)
(You can use lamb or beef too)
7-8 gralic pods (grated)
1 tsp red chili flakes
1 tsp salt (more or less to taste)
¾ tsp roasted cumin powder
¾ tsp garam masala
½ tsp chat masala
½ cup cooking oil( I use rapeseed oil)


-wash the meat and make middle sized cubes
-dry the meat with a kitchen paper well
-pour the oil in a bowl and mix all the above given ingredients in it
-now rub this mixture on the meat cubes and mix thoroughly so all the meat is very well marinated
-turn the meat into a glass bowl and cover with a cling and keep it in the fridge
-next day, make skewer with 4-5 pieces


-I made the vegetable skewers total separately as the meat needs a longer time and the Veg gets soggy or over fried.
-I fried them as they stay juicy and soft and yummy
-heat two separate frying pans at a time and start to fry both at a time so all is hot when you serve

-use a bit shallow oil so the skewers dip half in it, fry each side around 3-4 minutes and keep turning so they get an even nice roasted look
-fry the Vegetable skewers less so you enjoy the lovely crunchy and lovely fresh color or it
For Vegetable skewers you can use any of your choice.
I took the red and yellow paprika, red onions and fried the hot green chili separately.
 I made the garlic dip and had chili garlic sauce (readymade)
We had it with butter naan which I bought at our Afghani shop, really  tasty and delish.
The very hot spices make the TIkka just “Hot” and you cannot enjoy the taste of meat so I avoid making it just spicy, it should be tasty too : )
Make and enjoy and do share your feedback : )
The recipe of Haleem is also here in this site, just search and enjoy!



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