Saturday 26 October 2013

Chicken Polau spicy and fluffy : )

For me the name Palou is just the ‘Sandali Polau’, the original rich tasty one : ) But as it is many like the chicken meat in it. We at home prefer to make the Sandali one as my Hubby is no great fan of the Chicken Polau, he is a Solid Lahori Puttar fond of Meaty dishes :D

The Chicken has to be made very well so the stock has no smell in it, here again all made with love and care turns out super, it is not the recipe which makes our dishes yummy it is mainly the attention we put in it while cooking which brings out the taste!

No doubt it is made far faster and is lighter to make so I do make it off and on for a change : )
Here you have to note some tips, I will try to explain it in an easier way so hope you have the best results when you make it : )
*Different spices, used at different stages built up the main taste, if you put all together and stir they will lose their flavor.
*I cut my chicken in really small pieces, the larger the pieces the less the taste! Small pieces absorb more spices and are pleasant to eat and are really tasty!
*I don’t use too much onion so the stock is not too thick
*I use fresh grated garlic and no ginger in it
*I use the small green cardamom in the baghaar to bring out the aroma
*I use some kevra essence for that typical rich aroma in the pot
*I use yoghurt so the meat stays soft and nice in color
*I use NO tomatoes as that bring stickiness in the stock and apart from this tomatoes have nothing to do in any Polau : )
So this is how I make it :)
3 cups Basmati rice soaked just 15-20 minutes!
1 whole chicken
(cut in at least 20 pieces)
2 medium onion fine sliced
¼ cup cooking oil
1 tbs mixed grated garlic
( I grate fresh for it)
5-6 small green cardamom
½ tsp cloves
½ tsp black pepper corn
150 g yoghurt (whisk smooth)
¼ tsp red chili : )
½ tsp coriander powder
3 tsp salt and more to taste
¼ - ½ tsp garam masala
1 tbs yellow color
2 tsp kevra essence
3 glass or 6 cups water, more if needed!
-wash the chicken and let the access water drain out
-heat the oil and add the cloves to fry, they will give a nice hot aroma in some seconds
-add the green cardamom and fry till they fluff up and then add the sliced onion in it
-fry the onion till golden brown, not dark brown or the stock will turn too dark and blackish later
-now sprinkle some grated garlic and fry fast, and add the chicken immediately into it
-while it is being fried, sprinkle the black pepper corn and the rest garlic and keep stirring
-you have to stir constant so the meat does not stick to the pot and break
-you’ll see the meat turn nice golden and the oil will show up from all sides
- I never cover the lid as the chicken meat cooks quite fast and takes a nice shape and color when stirred constantly
-now mix the red chili and coriander in the creamy whisked yoghurt
-pour this mixture on the fried chicken and mix all well
-now stir this mixture till the yoghurt leaves water and that dries up
-you will just see the gravy forming into a thick paste
-now pour the 3 glass water and bring it to the boil just 1-2 times
-we don’t need to cook the meat as it s already done and ready
-this process takes around 15-20 minutes so take care and soak the rice before time
-now add the soaked and drained rice to the stock, sprinkle the garam masala now
-when the water starts to cook keep a high flame, the water will start drying in around 5 minutes
-as you see bubbles forming this is the right time to set it on dumm
-add the kevra essence, just stir slightly and set the pot on dum
-I cover my pot with an Alum foil and that works wonders, the rice comes out GREAT!
-before you cover the lid, sprinkle the yellow color on the top at 3 different places, mixed in few drops of water
- the rice will be ready in around 10-13 minutes, don’t lift the lid to keep checking, as you will release the whole steam in it
-Just open it once after 10-15 minutes, Insha’Allah it is ready
-take away the foil immediately or the rice may get mushy in too much steam
-just loosen the sides with help of a skimmer
-sprinkle some garam masala as you dish out the polau…Ummm it’s divine in aroma and taste!
~I made garlic dip with it, added 2 pods ofgrated garlic, 2-3 crushed green chilis and 5-7 crushed black peppers in around 2 cups of yoghurt. Let it stay for an hour so the garlic leaves the intensive aroma in the yoghurt.
Enjoy making it and do share your experience how it turned out : )



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