Sunday 10 August 2014

**Goodies from the Banquet Table**

The Month of Ramadan has passed by leaving its Blessing on all of us. How time flies away... The festivity of Eid is still going on and we have been celebrating Eid get-to-gathers off and on.
Here I’m sharing my contribution with all of you, i made for the Banquet Table:)


The Date Rings are a speciality of Ramadan and enjoyed even after that, I make it very often as we all love it as a sweet Snack after our meals :) I never got the chance to show it how is seems when cut, so here it is now :)

The Zarda, known as the Sweet Yellow Rice is always a hit along with the Polau.
A very unique dish,made with all nuts and candy sugared fruits.

This time I also added Khoya to the dish which gave it such a rich taste and i got a very good Feedback on it Alhamdolillah :)
The original Silver paper gives it THAT look which this dish deserves!

You can find the recipe under this link in the archives on this site.

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