Wednesday 24 September 2014

*Naan Chapatti soft and fluffy*

Many may ask „what’s Naan Chapatti” :-)
(click on the pic for a larger Image)
Well.... it is a two in one yummy Naan. I actually wanted to make naan as my friend brought me tasty cooked Payee on weekend. We (my hubby and i) love Payee and specially the sticky Shorba (curry) and that too with a soft naan that absorbs much of it …shlurp shlurp :D
I had to prepare ataa, so thought why not mix with yeast and make naans, then I had no mood to stand and bake in the oven, so I made the dough with which I can make them directly in the pan.
I make these often with Karahi Chicken and Seekhi  Kababs, as they give an ultra yummy taste with such dishes
All who have no oven, this here will make your life easy and believe me you will love making these again and again : )
I call them Naan Chapatti because they are soft and fluffy yet they look like chapatti and are not heavy like Naans that one can easily eat more than 2 :)
Normally many make naans with only plain all purpose flour, which is of course different in taste and prettier in color, I use mixed flour and the taste is equally delicious and the  naan chapatti looks very  lovely  in color too .
You can also make more in quantity and freeze them and just take out and thaw them  for 5-10 minutes and fry them in the pan with a spray of oil, they will be fresh as ever  and your family will think you’ve made them just now : )
So this is how I make them:
1 cup normal Chapatti flour (aataa)
2 cups all purpose flour ( I use organic flour)
1 tbs full dry yeast (makes 7 gram)
1 tbs salt
2-3 tbs of clarified butter (ghee)
Water as needed till the dough is soft and even
***With these measurement I made 12 naan chapattis***
*Dry yeast does not need time to froth so I add all together and knead the dough
*Make the dough soft, pat with greased hands and cover and keep an hour to rest
* The dough will rise but not like the Pizza dough, it will seems a bit more in volume
*Make normal balls as you make for chapatti and roll out each around 18-20 cm
* Heat your tawa or the frying pan (as I do) and spray few drops of oil before you put the chapatti on it
*Prick the naan chapatti criss-cross and spray few drops of oil again
(I use a spray bottle or a brush bottle for all parathaas and naan,so when I spray, it is like hardly 2-3 drops but no worries it is not at all like a paratha as you have to spray very slightly :)
*Use a spatula to twist the naan around, you will see it fluffing up and brown flowers will pop up as you see in this picture
*Turn the naan and do the same, prick, spray oil and move around with the spatula
* The naan will cook in no time as the yeast makes the dough really fluffy and it cooks fast
*Place the Naan chapatti in a hot-pot so it stays hot and really soft*we ate them the next day too, as I mentioned above, warm it the right way and you’ll enjoy the freshness the second day too : )
Good Luck, and do share your feed back with me, I’d love to know what results you get and how you liked them : )




  1. Hi, Where can i find this bottle with a brush attached to it, as shown in the pic above. Love to get one for my chapati making. Thanks

  2. Hello dear Tamkeen,
    First of all i am so very sorry for this so late reply, your post got mixed up in the "read mails"
    Dear i bought it at a normal house hold items shop, it is mostly with the oil and vinger bottles, as it is meant for salad's oil too. Depends where you are located, just ask your house hold items's shop keeper, hope you have luck with it :)