Sunday 11 December 2016

~*~Angel Cake akka Sponge Cake ~*~

Angel Cake is just another name of the Sponge Cake made with the same ingredients, also very well known as the English Cake.

Angel Cake has layers in two Colors and i used them in my icing and i did not fill it with cream, instead that i used the Raspberry Jam.

The main taste is of the icing no doubt, as it’s mainly with castor sugar and a mix of butter in it.

I remember we used to eat these bars so very often in our childhood, These are normally in a rectangular shape, i happened to eat this in England two years back, to just recall that taste of childhood, it was tasty but of course it’s never the same then.
My dearest Dad used to order this for our Birthdays along with the Black Forrest Cake and I remember we used to eat the icing first of all as it was so colorful green and pink and soooo sugary 
You know this feeling when one starts thinking about the childhood and suddenly you find yourself in this huge circle of thousand and one such moments where you just want to sit quietly and think of each and every memory....okay let’s not get emo…

So well I made this tiny lovely cake for my Hubby Darlings Birthday
He is no fan of too many creamy layers, so I used the jam for the filling and the typical colors of the Angel Cake are usually pale yellow and pink, so I kept that for my icing

I have 2-3 Sponge Cakes recipes here but I always find my cakes getting better with each try, I bit of this and a bit of that :D
The ingredients here are for a cute tiny 15 cm cake

The main secret of a good sponge is always the beating time.
This cake was so spongy till day 4, till the cream started turning a bit softer but the sponge did not harden a bit.
I did not cover the base of the cake with icing so you will see some light brown cake in between the icing loops :)

So if you crave for just one piece of cake you can make this, it gives you like 6 pieces.

You'll see the icing lines are not totally round and not perfect, i always say, i love the beauti of hand made imperfection,for me THAT'S original and i share it with pride :D

So here we go;

3 eggs
100g cake flour
90 g sugar
Dash of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbs lemon juice

There is no baking agent in this cake, no baking powder nor baking soda!

I make my own cake flour, so can you as it is a work of 30 seconds :D

1cup all purpose flour
Minus 2 tbs spoons from it
Add those 2 tbs of corn flour in it….. Tada you have your cake flour!
It is Important to sieve this 5 times, yes exactly 5 times!

-Now beat the eggs,sugar,lemon juice and vanilla for 15 to 20 minutes
-Surely with a stop in between or your beater may strike :)
-You will see the and feel the forming of the airy structure of the batter
-Then add the sieved cake flour slowly and just FOLD all DO NOT BEAT.
-Keep folding very gently so all seems creamy and no lumps are to be seen
The reason why we sieve the flour is so that no lumps built in the first place

Now grease a 15 cm pan and lay a round parchment paper on the bottom and pour the batter into it.
Bake in the preheated oven on 170°C for 40 to 45 minutes

It really gets very fluffy while being baked
Take it out after it’s done and let it cool really 2-3 hours before you try to cut it
If you cut it while it is still warm, it may break diagonally and ruin the whole cake, so a bit of patience is always good :)

I made it a day ahead and did the icing the next day, it’s better that way

For the filling:

200 g of Raspberry Jelly not the one with fruit seeds in it

For the icing I took;
150 g soft butter
Beat it till it really turns white in color
Sieve 200 g castor sugar
Mix in slowly and keep beat on a lower speed
Divide in two bowl and then mix in the liquid food color and mix well with a small whisker

Decorate according to your ideas and wish :)

We all loved it as you feel the real cake taste and not just the heavy cream.

Enjoy baking.

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